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WordPress Security

Premier WordPress Security Services by WordSecured

WordSecured specializes in providing word-class WordPress security services.

We’ve been in the WordPress business since it’s inception and have been securing customer’s websites since the first security holes were exposed. We have hundreds of customers who’s websites have been secure for years with the help of our services.

We are 100% confident in our ability to fix your hacked site or secure it to prevent security breaches in the future. We believe in taking preventative measures and for keeping our customer’s WordPress websites secure using a service approach rather than a single one-click plugin install. Constant human monitoring and reporting are what keep a website secure and that’s what we provide as our commitment to you. We look forward to securing your WordPress websites and stopping hackers dead in their tracks.

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WordPress Security

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Single Security Services

Hacked site recovery

Immediate virus containment and removal.

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wordpress security lockdown
Site lockdown

Secures files, users, passwords, plugins, widgets, themes, etc.

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Monthly Security Packages

Attack protection

wordpress monitoring
Security Monitoring with E-mail Reporting


password protection
Password expiration

wordpress security
User activity logging

checkout basket
E-commerce coverage

wordsecured security lock
File change detection and reporting

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Blocked request reporting


Ready to secure your WordPress website? You’ve come to the right place.