ProMaintenance Website Bug Reporting, Feedback & PM Tool

Sticky-note style feedback on your web projects.

Magic at Your Fingertips

Your ideas are golden, and now you can effortlessly turn them into reality. Request new features directly through WordSecured ProMaintenance, giving you the power to shape your website according to your vision.


Resolve issues as they are fixed and stay organized.


Contextual, on-page conversations give the issue immediate context.


Every new comment has helpful technical details like browser version, OS and screen resolution.


Delegate responsibility to your team and make sure issues have a responsible party.

Trusted by Thousands of Companies Globally

Pinpoint Bugs with Precision

With WordSecured ProMaintenance your website will have a toolbar that displays on all of your pages offering a way to mark comments right where issues are cropping up on your pages. Say goodbye to vague bug reports! It’s like having a GPS for bugs, making troubleshooting a breeze.

Project Management Dashboard

The WordSecured ProMaintenance dashboard centralizes all your website related tasks from the bug tracking tool on your website. This dashboard is a complete project management tool for your WordPress website where you can communicate with your team about specific tasks, see progress, approve issues and gain control of your website.